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I have traveled all over the place, but I keep coming back home...

bullet1968: California and Nevada
I first traveled to San Francisco with my Mum and Da when I was eight. It was especially cool because my brothers stayed home. The first week was spent hanging out in San Francisco while Dad took some seminar at Stanford, then Dad drove us all over the place for another week or so. I distinctly remember a place called Silver Dollar City that was very cool and an old abandoned gold mining town in the middle of the desert...
bullet1976-1977: India
Rotary exchange student. I studied at Sir J. J. College of Architecture in Bombay. I was 15.
bullet1977-1978: Africa, Near East and Indian Ocean
For six months, I worked (casually) as a courier for an import company out of Mauritius when my visa for India expired. He gave me a fantastic opportunity to travel to Mahe (Seychelles), Nairobi, Teheran, Rabat, Casablanca, Cairo, Beirut, Singapore, Hong Kong... and so many other places. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity.
bullet1978: Cross Country to New Mexico
I drove with three other people from Framingham, MA to Portales, New Mexico. It took a week and I never spoke to any of those people again. Let's just say there were significant personality conflicts :-)
bullet1979: Texas
I flew to Houston to meet with my old friend and mentor Nirmal Kantilal Shah, from Mahe, Seychelles. He, soon after, disappeared off the face of the earth and no one has seen him since.
bullet1981: Cross Country to California
Okay, what can I say? I was in love and stupid. We drove a van from Brighton, MA to San Francisco and ended up living in that van for six months (with dogs) while we looked for work. We stayed in some of the nicest parking lots in Mountain View, and ended up working as security guards for a renegade detective agency. When we saved up enough money to move out of the van, we ended up sharing a pink mobile home with an alcoholic named Bob. The mobile home was in front of a huge gravel pit facility in San Jose. Bob put classified ads in the paper looking for a wife and pretended to be a millionaire with forests in Oregon. He couldn't call out on his phone, but people could call in. He got all pissed off when we put in our own phone and the phone company found out about was the beginning of a long, hysterical tale about three folks: a neat freak alcoholic liar, a criminal from Boston (the man I loved), and me. Wait till I tell you about the guy who ran the detective agency and his biker, ex-marine secretary. I'm not making this up. It could only happen in California.
bullet1982: Washington and Cross Country through Canada
When we couldn't make it happen in California, we moved to Montesano WA, to live with Steve's ex-fiancee and her new husband, along with her foster parents who led a Pentacostal church. Woohee...this was fun :-) Did you know I was going to burn in hell?
bullet1984: St. Thomas and St. John
This was my honeymoon. In St. Thomas, "Seiko" means "hello"...
bullet1986: Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya
bullet1990/1991/1992: Montreal
We used to head up North to enjoy the "Juste Pour Rire" comedy festival every summer, shop at the marche aux puce along the docks of Vieux Montreal, and smuggle Cuban goods back across the border. 
bullet1991: New Orleans
This place is very, very cool, yet very, very hot. I spent a lot of time on Rue Royale checking out some of the most fabulous antique stores in the world (I'm talking museum quality artifacts). I also spent a great deal of time walking around the Garden District. If there was a ever a city that felt exotic, within the confines of the continental US, baby, this is it. Remind me to tell you about our Bayou Trip, complete with golf-ball sized hail. Again, It could only have happened in Louisiana...
bullet1994: San Francisco
I just love this city. Dawn is my favorite time here. I actually LIKE climbing the hills of San Francisco, especially early morning. I was actually out here on business with my slut assistant Kathy who was gradually working her way through the male marketing staff at Gupta. We went to some fabulous restaurants.
bullet1995: Chicago
bullet1995: San Francisco
Another trip out on business, only this time, I brought my then-current boyfriend Carl. We rented a car and headed down to Monterey, but never made it to Carmel. (Too bad. Remind me to tell you about having sex in the Cypress trees on Carmel Beach during the Fourth of July fireworks display--LOL.)
bullet1995: Key Largo
This was the first big trip that I took my son William on. It started out as a business trip, then ended with me getting my groove back in the Bahamas.
bullet1995/1996: Bahamas
bullet1997: Oshkosh
My then-current boyfriend, Mark, built planes in his spare time, in his garage. We flew a completely restored 1963 Piper Colt across the country for the annual fly-in of 15,000 private planes. At first, I thought the idea was going to blow, but it was very, very cool.
bullet1997: Bahamas
bullet1998: Bahamas
bullet1999: Bahamas...<yawn>
Gotta go someplace new next year.
bullet2000: England, Scotland & Wales
Scheduled for June