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In order to help others build their web sites, here are a bunch of backgrounds and other graphics to start with. To download them, simply right-click on the image and "Save As..." to your computer. These graphics are FREE to non-commercial sites.

All images are copyright J. E. M. Heydecker, 1998 - 2003. All rights strictly reserved. Let me know what other images you'd like to see by emailing me. I will be glad to upload them here and send you an email once they are available.

I will be adding more buttons, backgrounds, page dividers and other bits on a regular basis. Have fun! Let me know what you think -- email me. Thanks!


If you DO download these graphics and put them up on your site, PLEASE send me a little note with the URL. I just want to see my work on other people's pages. It's the satisfaction of helping that is my only payment. :-) 


Here's a little graphic you can put on your page and link it to mine, so others can get free stuff, too. It is NOT REQUIRED, if you use my graphics on a non-commercial site.

My personal favorite:

Do You Want To Talk To Others About Web Graphics?

Feel free to discuss your questions about how to develop graphics on your own, request custom stuff for your non-commercial site, and anything else related to web graphics. It's absolutely free. Check it out.

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