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Quick Thoughts

bulletA little knowledge can go a long way.
bulletWishing things away is not effective.
bulletAbsolute submission can be a form of freedom.
bulletActions cause more trouble than thought.
bulletAll things are delicately connected.
bulletBoredom makes you do crazy things.
bulletConfusing yourself is a way to stay honest.
bulletEven your family can betray you.
bulletFake or genuine indifference can be a powerful personal weapon.
bulletGrass roots agitation is our only hope.
bulletHumanism is obsolete.
bulletHumour is a release.
bulletIt is important to stay clean.
bulletLoving animals is a substitute activity.
bulletMothers shouldn't make too many sacrifices.
bulletWhen something terrible happens, people wake up.
bulletMuch was decided before you were born.
bulletPeople who don't create with their hands are parasites.
bulletRomantic love was invented to manipulate women.
bulletSloppy thinking gets worse over time.
bulletThe idea of revolution is adolescent fantasy.
bulletYou are a victim of the rules you live by.
bulletLots of professionals are crackpots.
bulletMen who say they are sensitive are really self-centered.
bulletLack of charisma can be fatal.