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Thanksgiving Trifle

From the Kitchen of jeanneleez

Category: Desserts
Servings: whatever
Preparation Time: minutes

Recipe Ingredients

Vanilla Pudding
One Vanilla Bean
Gran Marnier Liqueur
Pound Cake or Sponge Cake
Ocean Spray's Cranberry Orange Sauce 
Whipped Cream
Orange Zest and Orange Slices for Garnish


Recipe Directions

Prepare Vanilla Pudding, with additional vanilla bean added to milk. Let milk stand overnight before preparing, then scrape the inside of the vanilla bean into the milk, discarding the hull.

Cut pound cake into into 3/4" dice.

Begin layering your trifle in a trifle dish or large, deep, clear glass bowl. Start with a thin layer of vanilla pudding, then add a layer of cake cubes. Sprinkle gran marnier over the cake cubes. Cover with a layer of pudding, then a thin layer of the cranberry orange sauce. Cover with another thin layer of pudding, then the whipped cream. Keep repeating layers until you get to the top, then finish with a final layer of whipped cream. Garnish with a lacy decoration made of orange zest and slices. Best served the next day, after flavours have blended. Enjoy.