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The genealogy of the Heydecker family has been actively researched and maintained for centuries. The family history dates back into the first millenium. This section of the web site is dedicated to Margaret Heydecker, my Aunt Peg, who always taught me to remember where I came from. She said to me once, "You bring both the burden and the gift of your legacy to every situation." This is my way of thanking her for instilling this responsibility in me as a child. I always knew I would be maintaining the history when she could no longer do it. Fair-thee-well, Aunt Peg...

bulletFirst Millenium
bulletThe Heydeckers In Europe (Second Millenium Starts...)
bulletJoachim Comes To America
bulletEdward Bonaffe Heydecker
bulletElise Caroline Heydecker
bulletEdward LeMoyne Heydecker
bulletWayne Darlington Heydecker
bulletCreagh Mitchell Heydecker
bulletMargaret Heydecker
bulletWilliam Creagh Heydecker
bulletWilliam Creagh Heydecker, Jr.
bulletElise Bennet Heydecker
bulletRichard Creagh Heydecker
bulletJeanne-Elise Marie Heydecker
bulletWilliam Creagh Heydecker III
bulletRichard Creagh Heydecker II
bulletChristian Robert Heydecker
bulletJames Buster Heydecker