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More About Who I Am:

Me_9-30.jpg (40496 bytes)When I'm not working, reading, or wasting my time on my computer, I'm either creating and viewing all different types of art, listening to music (mostly alternative, punk, gothic, classic rock from the 60's, native american, and industrial - ethno-techno), or watching television. I also spend a lot of time sleeping (or trying to sleep), writing, and hanging out with friends.



In My Office (9/30/98)

Other random details that may or may not tell you more about me: My favorite color is black (as if you couldn't tell that already :) . I am a Virgo (9/8/60), born in the year of the Rat. Me_9-30B.jpg (42433 bytes)

My favorite boots have 8 holes, are 17 cm or 6" high, are colored black, and I like 'em a lot.

My hair is auburn. It's currently straight and shoulders length. I am seriously sick of it and contemplating a major change, perhaps shaving my head -- I really hate it. I have grey-blue eyes which change based on what I'm wearing. Since I usually wear only black, they tend to stay grey. As of this past April, I have begun adding a little more colour to my wardrobe. Now that Autumn is fast approaching, I've been unpacking my black sweaters with glee.

Me_9-30C.jpg (53328 bytes)My sense of humor can sometimes be a bit on the dark side.

I have a pretty decent CD collection.

I dislike cats even though I own one now, but I love dogs. They've sometimes been my only friends...

max.jpg (7022 bytes)
Gamblin Farms Maximillian
(Max) 1986-1996
Good boy :-)
toby.jpg (20413 bytes)
Toby (just Toby) ?-1992
I miss you, pup...

I usually prefer to go for healthy food... I tend to cook varied ethnic foods. My son began eating sushi when he was 2 years old. Once, when we were down the Bahamas, as we sat for dinner, he looked at his plate, turned to me, and sighed, "Lobster, again?" He's 5 now. And he's my very best friend. He always will be.

I am 155 centimeters tall, or 5' 1". I weigh around 190 lbs.

I have 2 pierced ears. My nose was pierced back in the mid-70s when I lived in India. I've often thought about doing it again, but I won't. I have no tattoos. I wear makeup only when I want to. I have a large scale burn scar on my left shoulder that I was considering tattooing over with a large dragon, but it has lightened considerably...most people don't notice it. I kind of think it's interesting. Another badge of my life.

When pressed, I will admit to being strange. People can tell I'm weird by the way I look. There's something about the way I appear that seems stranger than your typical black-clad freak. I can easily intimidate others.

Vampires? Cool fiction. I'll admit to reading Anne Rice, and more than one.


Aside from churches having interesting architecture sometimes, I don't believe in established religion for exploring your spirituality. I don't really mind what you think about it. I like to think that I have a spirituality, which may or may not conform to a recognised religion. I believe that I have an immortal soul, that lives on. I have to, or I couldn't survive. I can feel the spirits around me, and they're not just human, they're in animals, and trees, and other living things. It sounds almost creepy, I know. I'm still looking for a spiritual community that allows women to be anything they seek, and not limit them to specific roles. Even Buddha describes four kinds of women and nine kinds of wives, the ultimate being a servant to her husband. After learning this, it was enough to send me searching again. Allow me to be what I am. I just want to be allowed to fail. I may just surprise you. I can't find what my true limitations are unless I move from the social comfort zones already drawn for me when I was born sans phallus.

My Rant About Government

Governments have no business interfering with the activities of others where the people who choose to participate are the only willing participants in the process. When they choose to tell me how I can act, or make me wear a seat belt "for my own good", I say, "Live Free or Die" (Must have been all those years I lived in New Hampshire.) I'm seriously concerned about impacts on both the environment and businesses by governmental edicts, but neither should get full preference in my opinion.

A person's gender should never come into decisions on everyday life.

The government has no business raising a class of citizens that have never supported themselves, being born into welfare and dying in it. And I don't like 30% of my paycheck going to programs that have massive administration costs tacked on. Government workers have a tremendous amount of benefits and job security; I have worked my butt off for years with little or no benefits, and what part my taxes is getting back to me? Truly, the white collar worker in this country is the one on the precipice: at any moment my whole life can be taken away, through illness, accident or other tragedy, and it isn't the government that picks up any part of my tab.

Recreational drugs -- I've done contraband stuff and enjoyed it, but I don't think it's my thing, really. Been there, done that.

I am female. I am mostly heterosexual. My relationships are always open to negotiation with regard to relationship type and can be renegotiated from time to time. I'll try anything once, often twice! :) The kinky stuff I'm into is utterly private and none of your business.

I have a few friends which will be part of my life forever. My friend, Robyn, saved my soul a number of times. I love her with the entire aspect of my being. robynme.jpg (12836 bytes)

Robyn and Me

I got on the 'net at some unrecorded point of 1992. I write on several listservs about computers, design, marketing, technology and how they interrelate.

And should you ever wish to hunt me down, I can be found living on the prairie, somewhere in western Illinois.