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William Creagh Heydecker

September 6, 1865 (3:15 am)-Feb. 22, 1942

  1. Mary Fitz-Randolph Johnston
    February 13, 1870-June 22, 1899
    m. April 27, 1893 at Trinity Church
    by Reverend Osborne

  2. Mary Augusta Storer Crane
    m. February 18, 1903 by Reverend Huffington, Grace Church

  3. Helen Brown

Attended the Columbia Grammar School and then entered the employ of Theodore B. Starr, jeweler, occupying himself, then, as throughout his career with the stationery and leather goods branch of the business.Later, he joined the New York branch of the famous Paris house of Cartier, with which he remained for 22 years as the Head of the Stationery Department. For Cartier, Mr. Heydecker made many trips abroad, particularly Europe, seeking artistic examples of work within his field. His private interests included heraldry and bookplates, owning one of the largest collections in the United States. He died at his residence, 10-01 157th Street, Beechurst, Queens, after a long illness.


  1. William Creagh Heydecker, Jr.

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