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Richard Creagh Heydecker

June 30, 1933-

m. Patricia Ann Glynn November 28, 1959

Richard grew up in NYC, but was fortunate to have been able to travel to many countries during school leaves, including Europe, Mexico, and Cuba. After graduation from HS, he began his secondary school studies at Columbia College. During the Korean Conflict, he had to leave Columbia to enter the Army. He served two years in the Army Corps of Engineers. Upon his honorable discharge, he returned to Columbia and received his AB degree in 1957.He then received a Certificate of Completion at Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in 1961. After further study at Harvard Graduate School of Design, he then received a Bachelor of Architecture at Cooper Union in 1965. He continued his studies at Stanford University in Education Facilities.

Richard went to work at KLQ Architects in 1961, a firm specializing in the design of educational institutions, eventually buying the firm outright in 1990. Richard takes pride in the fact that his firm has built more schools than any other firms in eastern Massachusetts. While continuing to work at KLQ, he was also an adjunct professor at Wentworth Institute, concentrating on Office Practices and Building Materials.

Richard was very active in town politics, being voted in as a member of the School Committee for over nine years. He has been the Chairman of the Permanent Building Committee for past 12 years. Richard is a member of the Rotary Club and the Masonic Order. In 1974, he received a Certificate of Merit from the Board of Selectmen, making the Heydecker family the only family in town with three members awarded with Merit Certifications in the history of the town.


  1. Jeanne-Elise Marie Heydecker
  2. Richard Creagh Heydecker II
  3. Christian Robert Heydecker

Patricia Ann Glynn

December 8, 1937-

m. Richard Creagh Heydecker November 28, 1959

Patricia grew up in Albany NY, At the age of ten, she and her family moved to New York City. After graduation from Jamaica High School, she attended Cooper Union as an architectural student under their first degree program. In September of 1959, as she entered the sixth floor studio, she spotted Richard along with the older architecture students passing through the studio on the seventh floor walkway. She said to her fellow student, "see that guy up there with the goatee? I'm going to marry him." She did, on November 28, 1959.

In the summer of 1966, Patricia began to work as the Gift Shop Bunny at the Playboy Club of Boston. In September, she was elected President of the Taylor School PTA. Principal Ahearn said, "We have more fathers attending these meetings than any other school in town." During this time Patricia and her husband joined FSHLUAC (Foxboro State Hospital Land Use and Acquisition Committee) in order to study the feasibility of the options presented by the state for use of the closed facility. She was also elected to the Town Planning Board for two 3-year terms.

After she left Playboy, Patricia volunteered her time developing a young people's acting troupe named Pleeza Plaudit Players. The group of over 75 young adults performed The Red Shoes, hailed as a tremendous success. Unfortunately, Paul Brown, the other adult coordinator absconded with the proceeds, leaving Patricia and the troupe with the bills. In her indomitable spirit, and with the help of the teenagers, Patricia managed to produce two more plays, numerous bake sales and car washes to pay off the debts.

In 1971, Patricia had a serious car accident which kept her in the hospital for six weeks, and eight additional weeks in a body cast. When she came home, her hospital bed took up the entire living room. FISH (Foxborough Interdenominational Service Hospice) came into being at that time due to Pleeza Plaudit's young members whose parents were active in local churches. The kids heard about Patricia's accident and convinced their parents to develop a program to assist people in similar situations. The people involved came to the house, offering dinners, helping arround the house and caring for the children. The program continues even today. She was fully recovered by late that summer.

In 1980, Patricia joined the staff at KLQ as a consultant introduicng computers to the business and training staff. She continues to work at KLQ overseeing the business side of the practice.

Patricia is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a five- year Past-President. She travels extensively each year promoting the activities of the Auxiliary. Because of her work for the town, she received a Certificate of Merit in 1973 from the Board of Selectmen, making the Heydecker family the only family in town with three members awarded with Merit Certifications in the history of the town.

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