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Edward LeMoyne Heydecker

June 12, 1863 (3:00am)-February 10, 1914
(ashes buried at Greenwood Cemetery)

m. Catharine Paxson Darlington 1860-January 1, 1956 m. April 25, 1889

Attended M. W. Lyons School for four years (8-12), then entered Columbia Grammar School. Graduated "Head of School" in June, 1879. Entered Columbia College and graduated with A.B. 1883. He completed Law School and the School of Political Science with an A.M. in 1884, and LL.B. in 1885.

He entered the offices of Coudert Brothers until he began an independent practice in November of 1887. He married Catherine Paxson Darlington in West Chester, PA on April 25, 1889. He left NY for Philadelphia in November of 1891 and remained there until March, 1895. He then entered the office of Read & Petit, and was also Trust Officer for Citizen's Trust & Surety Company. Edward resumed his law practice again, in NYC, in 1895. He then moved to 137 Franklin St., Mount Vernon, NY in 1901.

He abandoned his law practice for the last time in 1901 to enter the services of Northwestern Mutual Life insurance Company and continued at that until July 1, 1907, when Edward became the Assistant Tax Commissioner in the Department of Taxes and Assessments. Previous to his appointment as Assistant Tax Commissioner, he became well known throughout the country as the editor of the General Laws and textbooks. His appointment was made because he became recognized as an authority of high standing on the theory and practice of taxation. During his incumbency of the assistant Commissionership, he was largely responsible for the foundation of the National Tax Association and later the National Tax Conference. He was the author of many reports which have influenced the administration of tax laws all over the country.

Edward also invented a method of making inexpensive tax maps, which have been put into standard use in many states. While a lawyer of much technical knowledge, he was actuated throughout his life by a deep conviction concerning human rights, and it was the social and not the legal aspect of legislation that most interested him. He was widely regarded as a learned man and scholar, not as a businessman. Finances were frequently a problem, but in his last years, he lived comfortably, and it is believed without financial worries. He died of cancer of the throat and tongue in his 51st year.


  1. Creagh Mitchell Heydecker
    August 1, 1896- Died of a form of encephalitis.
  2. Edward Creagh Heydecker 1893-1893
  3. Wayne Darlington Heydecker

Catharine Paxton Darlington


m. 1889

Catharine's grandfather was Joseph Jackson Lewis, mentor of Abraham Lincol, and one of the originators of the Republican Party. It is rumoured that he told Mrs. Lincoln that he would be unable to attend the theatre due to having too much work on the fateful night of the assassination. In one of his letters to Catharine's mother he said that Mr. Lincoln was "very pale and lacked stamina".

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